• 24/7 access to our 100% online program
  • Fast, flexible, easy path to certification and recertification
  • Study materials and tests created by licensed healthcare providers
  • Program is AHA, ILCOR, ECC and ARC based
  • Streamlined preparation materials for faster learning
  • Unlimited free practice tests & final exam retakes
  • Free instant printable PDF certification card
  • Material covers wound care, strokes, heart attacks and AED use

Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification – Fast, Easy, and 100% Online

The National CPR Association is here to provide you with everything you need to achieve your BLS certification or recertification online. Victims of life threating injuries are in need of immediate, emergency care. With our BLS certification online coursework, you’ll have the knowledge you need to provide that invaluable emergency care.

Through proper Basic Life Support training, it is possible to provide those in need with critical care until they are able to reach a hospital. Our healthcare provider created and industry leading BLS certification course is perfect for everyone from the average citizen to medical personnel.

From cardiac arrest and drowning, to choking and much more, our BLS certification online classes have been carefully created to address a range of potentially life threatening injuries and conditions. Now, the National CPR Association is pleased to offer this 100% online, expert created course to you.

The Leading Course for Achieving Your BLS Certification and Recertification

At the National CPR Association, our team of medical experts have created a uniquely effective approach to BLS certification and recertification. You now have a powerful new way to quickly achieve your credentials online. All of our programs take between 1-2 hours to complete and are 100% online. Our BLS online renewal course can be completed in as little as 30 minutes. Those seeking their BLS for healthcare provider certification find our program convenient, easy, and affordable.

The Fastest Path to Saving Lives

Through our courses and examinations, you’ll find everything you need to both pass your BLS provider exam and start to save lives. We focus on helping you achieve fast results – that is why we’ve designed our online program to be intuitive and highly-streamlined. In short, we want you to learn this life-saving information as quickly as possible. As a result, all of our materials ranging from our practice tests to our study materials, are completely focused on efficient learning.

100% Online BLS Learning & Testing is Now at Your Fingertips

Our goal is the same as yours: to achieve your BLS cert or recert as quickly as possible. All the materials you need to study and pass your Basic Life Support test are readily available to you online 24/7. That means that you can study and take the examination anytime night or day. It’s designed to be both an effective and convenient system.

And if you don’t pass the exanimation for certification on your first try, don’t worry. Our practice tests and exam retakes are always completely free!

Continued Support Once You’ve Achieved Your BLS Certification

The National CPR Association continues to support you well after you have finished the BLS course and passed your examination. Upon passing, you’ll receive an instant certification card via email.

On your official BLS healthcare provider card, we list your instructor’s license number as well as your name and date you passed the exam. But that is not the end of our support. We also provide you with access to our industry-leading BLS certification and recertification course materials for a full two years. We can also assist you with renewals – reminder emails are sent once it gets close to your expiration date. Click here to get started today!

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